JV boys water polo experiences a setback after loss to MA


Glen Kovas aquatics center

Stuart Vickery, Staff Writer

The boys junior varsity (JV) water polo team lost substantially to Menlo Atherton (MA) in their game on Wednesday, Oct. 15.

Despite their efforts, the JV team lost 8-5.

“[The game was] a missed opportunity that we all learned from,” said sophomore Devon Paragus.

Prior to the game against MA, the JV team had a 3-1 record for the overall season.

MA proved to be a formidable team and was able to get the ball from one end to the other quickly, giving themselves ideal opportunities to take shots.

“As a team, our reaction time was a bit off. Playing a team like MA, we have to [jump on them] early and we weren’t doing so,” said sophomore River Manochio, the JV goalie.

Despite maintaining possession of the ball for a significant amount of the game, Carlmont wasn’t able to score, often running down the shot clock to the last possible second.

“MA’s speed has always been something else. Their counter attacks are the best in the league, and they were beating us back on defense,” said sophomore River Manochio.

MA passed quickly and efficiently when they were in possession of the ball, which gave them the upper hand.

“[As a team,] we need to work on communication, setting up a better offense, [and] countering,” said sophomore Danny Crook.

When Carlmont came into possession of the ball they would hesitate before passing or shooting, often resulting in a turnover.

Despite their loss, the JV team is confident that they will continue to have a good season. They are still up three to two and have several games left.

Sophomore Nathan Leyrat said, “Hopefully we will make into PAL [Peninsula Athletic league] because we managed to win most of the games this season only losing two.”