Kendrick Lamar releases yet another masterpiece


Kim Metso

Kendrick Lamar performs in front of a booming crowd.

Josef Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Lyrical genius Kendrick Lamar released his most recent hit album, “Untitled Unmastered,” on Mar. 4. With 4 1/2 stars on iTunes, this album was one of Lamar’s highest-ranked albums.

The album consisted of eight “untitled” tracks, which clearly showed how Lamar views the world and also his personal life. Lamar spoke his mind when he was cleverly composing his songs.

In his lyrics, he sent out global messages such as, “It’s happening, no more running from world wars / It’s happening, no more discriminating the poor.”

This was one of Lamar’s best albums because he wasn’t afraid to speak his mind about problems that many people in the world are facing today, especially about the African Americans living in the United States.

Although Lamar is characterized as a “rap artist,” he drifted away from that title when he sang this album. Lamar was almost telling a poetic story in his smooth and mellow songs, unlike other rap artists that often blurt out pointless messages.

In Lamar’s album, his background rhythms were different from other rap rhythms. In his songs, he used smooth jazz background music composed of instruments such as the piano and the saxophone. In almost all rap songs in this century, the background rhythms are composed of fast beats with lots of bass.

With Lamar’s unique song components in his new album, this album stands out. I would consider this album an unknown genre because it does not fall under any conventional category.

With Lamar’s unique style of song composition in this new album, I wouldn’t be surprised if new young artists start to copy his song styles.

Lamar’s wordplay was inspiring at some points; his lyrics can give you sparks that would make you want to do positive things in life. Lamar’s creative lyrics also give listeners lots of happiness and positivity.

Overall, “Untitled Unmastered” was by far one of Lamar’s best albums and can potentially have a good chance for hip hop album of the year. This album was a well-written masterpiece.
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