Lets get flip floppin’ with the weather


The famous Rainbow Sandals

Ashley Kawakami, Highlander Editor-in-Chief

It’s time to flip-flop from winter boots to the summer sandals.

Many people are welcoming the warm weather by breaking out their summer clothes. Nothing marks the beginning of spring and the promise of summer more than sandals and flip flops.

A popular brand of flip flops are Rainbow Sandals.

According to their website, Rainbow Sandals was started out of a garage 35 years ago by Jay Longley in Southern California. The site also states that Longley went through a process of creating the different layers of the sandal to make it form to each individual foot, part of what makes the sandals different from their competitors.

Rainbow Sandals come in a variety of colors and styles. The colors range from tan to green to pink, and can have thick, thin, braided or sparkly straps. A pair of Rainbows typically costs somewhere in the range of $40-50.

Rainbow Sandals a reputation for comfort and style.

Freshman Amit Netanel said, “I like [my Rainbows] because they are really comfortable and stylish.”

The ease of wearing the flip flops make it a popular shoe around campus.

Junior Stephanie Levine said, “They are really comfortable and easy to just slip on.”

Although people love the comfort of the sandals, Rainbows are notorious for the pain of breaking them in.

Levine said, “They were really uncomfortable, I could barely get my foot in to the shoe but after wearing them for a day, all day, they were fine and fit my foot.”

The only way to break the shoes in is to keep wearing them. Netanel said, “The more and more I wore them the less they hurt.”

Rainbow Sandals are a costly investment, but many find the sandals to be worth the price because of their comfort, style, and warranty.

Rainbows have a life time guarantee policy that states, “Our warranty is for the lifetime of the sole. As long as you haven’t worn into the next layer of the sole from either the top or bottom.”

Rainbows come at a price, however the overall positives of the shoe seems to outweigh the price and the initial discomfort.

As warm weather continues, there is no doubt we will be seeing the little rainbow tag waving on the tops of many flip flops.

The famous Rainbow Sandals
The famous Rainbow Sandals