Lunchtime volleyball tournament: now serving


The Fried Rice team serve against the Timmy M’s.

Karissa Tom, Highlander Editor

Serve or spike. Two simple things that can determine the outcome of a volleyball game.

Carlmont’s lunchtime volleyball tournament began on Tuesday, April 23.

The tournament has a total of ten competing teams including the Dinkleberg Squad, Supa Hot Fire, Ralston Rams, Non-Excludables, and Fried Rice.  Each team can have a maximum of six players.

Lunchtime activities commissioner and sophomore Raine Kerhin said, “It is fun way for students  to participate with their friends. Students that do not usually play volleyball get a chance to play.”

The official bracket with game dates can be viewed in room A-8 or the Associated Student Body room. The volleyball games are held in the Terry Stogner gym during lunch.

Monica Chin, senior and player on the Fried Rice team said, “As a volleyball player, I felt it was my duty to the school to participate and it’s a lot of fun.”

The lunchtime activities commission came up with the tournament when thinking of different and new ways to involve other students. They wanted a way to have more students participate in various activities.

Lunchtime activities supervisor and senior ShawGeronimo said, “We’re getting a variety of people that we’ve never seen before participate in these tournaments and it’s awesome seeing people playing volleyball and having fun at lunch.” 

The competition finals are on Friday, May 3.

The Fried Rice team serve against the Timmy M's.
The Fried Rice team serve against the Timmy M’s.


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