March Madness hype takes over Carlmont


Izzy Lunderman

Sophomore Jessie Zorb takes a quick break during her class to check the statistics on upcoming games in March madness.

Izzy Lunderman , Staff Writer

March is a time when the luck of the Irish clashes with March Madness.

During March Madness, family, school, and even jobs are set aside to make basketball priority number one.

“March Madness is a tournament that consists of the top 64 college basketball teams and takes place in March,” said James Houston, a junior.

Throughout the tournament, a fever sweeps over Carlmont High School.

Junior Class Vice Presidents Jimmy Rudger and Houston, along with fellow ASB members, collaborate to encourage students to participate in making brackets and competing with other friends.

“The process begins with printing out a good amount of blank brackets that follow the seeds of teams. Then, we make them available to the school,” said Houston.

Although March Madness can bring a competitive side out of people, it can also be a great way to bond with friends, watch games with family members, and allow students from any school to be more involved in their school activities.

“I think March Madness gives students a chance to be involved in an easy school activity and is exciting to them because there is an amazon gift card as a prize,” said Rudger.

Though March madness is very popular around the nation, some find that the concept of making brackets and having to watch almost all of the games is very time-consuming and not worth betting money on.

However, some people find no value in making brackets and still watch games on TV to catch up on what teams are playing and their rankings.

“Though I do not participate in making brackets for March Madness, I do watch some games on TV and it gets me riled up to see the best of the best fighting to win their spot in the finals,” said Jaime Garcia, a history teacher at Carlmont.

Many believe that the unpredictability of March Madness allows any person to participate and bet on the intense brawl between popular sports teams.

“The thing that is great about March Madness is you really never know who is going to win as there is this intensity to it, making it anyone’s game,” said Houston.