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San Francisco's Women's March protest for equal rights - Bella Reeves

San Francisco’s Women’s March protest for equal rights – Bella Reeves

February 12, 2019

Bella Reeves reports on the 2019 San Francisco Women's March. ...

Indigenous women lead the Women's March San Francisco 2019.

The Women’s March calls for action

January 24, 2019

San Francisco’s Civic Center Plaza was getting increasingly more crowded, as thousands of people gathered together to advocate for social and political change during the Wom...

Students march for their lives in Redwood City

March 25, 2018

Victoria Valle Remond reports on Redwood City's March for Our Lives and the powerful students involved.

Carlmont students Jill Albertson and Kendall Butler participate in the rally by chanting and holding up signs calling for more gun control.

Students march for their lives

March 24, 2018

At 837 marches, communities gathered to protest the lives lost to gun violence. But in Redwood City, it was different. In Redwood City, the rally was for the students, by the students. At the head of the cause was a group of students from the Sequoia Union High School District: Stefan Sujansky, Holly Newman, Sophie Penn, Ria Calcagno, Elise Kratzer, and Katie Uthman. While another rally was already scheduled to take place in San Francisco on March 24, Penn, a senior at Carlmont High School, said bringing the issue to Redwood City would make it more accessible for the community.

One by one, all 17 balloons were released. Untied with each passing minute, they honored the 17 lives lost.

Gun control walkout regulations are determined by school districts

March 14, 2018

Gunshots amidst heart-shaped balloons and boxes of chocolate celebrating St. Valentine’s Day plans were least expected at Stoneman Douglas High School. And yet, heard they wer...

Women’s March calls for action in the polls

January 25, 2018

Victoria Valle Remond reports on the 2018 Women's March in San Francisco

In addition to supporting women's rights, marchers also hold signs for sexuality and identity equality.

The Women’s March is not just for women

January 21, 2018

The sun beat down on San Francisco City Hall as people gathered to have their voices heard in the 2018 San Francisco Women’s March. But the fight for women’s rights was not t...

Tens of thousands of people are estimated to have taken to the streets on Jan. 20 in San Francisco. The marchers stretched on for blocks with no end in sight to their numbers.

San Francisco Women’s March returns with a path to the ballot

January 21, 2018

They rose. They resisted. And most notably, they repeated. On Saturday, Jan. 20, the women of San Francisco took to the streets one year after the Women’s March on Washington w...

Protesters in San Francisco began their march in Justin Herman Plaza and continued down the main streets.

Protesters gather in San Francisco to ‘March For Science’

April 25, 2017

A swelling mass of tens of thousands of lab coats plunged down the streets of San Francisco. Raising their Earth Day banners above their heads, these protesters wanted to...

Best of March

Best of March

April 18, 2017

Protesters, anti-protesters, and anarchists collide at ‘March 4 Trump’ rally       Poor reporting leads to false label of Carlmont 1 &...

Sophomore Jessie Zorb takes a quick break during her class to check the statistics on upcoming games in March madness.

March Madness hype takes over Carlmont

March 22, 2017

March is a time when the luck of the Irish clashes with March Madness. During March Madness, family, school, and even jobs are set aside to make basketball priority number one. “March...

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