March Madness enthralls students


March Madness Bracket

“It’s March Madness baby,” as the famous Dick Vitale would say. March Madness is in full swing and the free flowing, crazy basketball tournament is captivating the entire nation.

March Madness Bracket

Andy Gross thinks March Madness is so exciting because, “You never know who is going to win it all and when there will be a big upset. Everybody has a chance.”

March Madness is a seeded basketball tournament featuring 68 of the best college basketball teams all over the country. All regular season long the 285 Division 1 schools vie for a spot in the historic tournament.

The tournament crams 63 games in 3 weeks and comes out with one national champion.

A popular thing that comes with the tournament is filling out brackets. Also known as the Tourney Pick ’em, trying to predict how the tournament will pan out exactly is a long standing tradition all over the country.

Gross commented on filling out his brackets, “I usually fill out a bracket, I have been for the last couple of years.”

As of now, the 2012 tournament has been full of surprises and upsets. Powerhouses like Duke and Missouri have been ousted in the first round. These upsets have screwed up countless brackets all over the country.

As the tournament goes on it promises even more eye opening upsets and cinderella stories, because you know, “It’s March Madness baby!”