Michigan shooting taints Uber credibility



In the year 2016 alone, America has already experienced 32 mass shootings.

Sarah Tocatlian , Staff Writer

Six dead.

Two injured.

Suspect, Jason Brian Dalton, is believed to have been the man behind the shooting rampage in Kalamazoo, Michigan, that occurred on the evening of Saturday Feb. 20.

The first shooting, where a woman was shot multiple times in an apartment complex parking lot, was reported to have started at 5:42 p.m..

Four hours later, Dalton opened fire on a father and son at a car dealership.

Only minutes later, five people were shot in their cars at a Cracker Barrel restaurant parking lot; only one of the victims was lucky enough to survive their injuries.

At roughly 12:40 a.m., police were finally able to stop the seven-hour atrocity by taking Dalton into custody.

Dalton, an Uber driver, has now been charged with six counts of murder in the shooting spree.

According to Fox News, Uber said that Dalton had given about 100 rides since he passed a background check and became a driver on Jan. 25.

Sophomore Julia Walsh said,”I can’t believe that he was able to pass the background check. I take Uber a lot and I know that it might not be the safest app to use, but after hearing about this, it really makes me doubt whether the drivers are reliable at all.”

As well as having passed the Uber background check, Dalton had no prior criminal record and was not known to authorities.

There is currently no known motive, which troubles the officials in the western Michigan city as well as many of the people who have heard about this event.

Sophomore Emma Castro said, “It sickens me to think about how someone can go around and just randomly shoot other people like that. There have been previous issues with shootings in America, and I just hope that this is the last that we hear about.”