Mountain View Spartans dominate boys varsity lacrosse


Trey Chock

The varsity team struggles to catch up to Mountain View’s much larger score during the second half.

Trey Chock, Staff Writer

The boys varsity lacrosse team suffered a 12-4 loss against the Mountain View Spartans in their second pre-season game on March 3.

The Spartans were playing at a higher intensity as they managed to score goal after goal on the Scots, although the latter had managed to gain multiple points within the first few minutes of the game.

This streak continued throughout the match, as the Spartans quickly met every goal the Scots had scored, ending the first half with a score of 7-2 in Mountain View’s favor.

The loss was a good indication that the Scots needed to make some changes before their first game of the actual season in order to be a success, with the team only accumulating a score equivalent to a third of the oppositions.

“[The varsity team] needs to learn how to play with pressure. In any time you have a loss, you just have to put it behind you,” said head coach Todd Irwin.

Although the team has suffered a crushing defeat from a stronger opponent, both Irwin and the players are confident in their ability to succeed in the upcoming game.

The team is extremely coachable, and has a special and unique feel to it.”

— Head Coach Todd Irwin

With a temperature of 42 degrees, the Scots seemed to be powering through the match and it’s disappointing outcome at the time, however, the silence the home team radiated was much chillier.

“We need a lot more communication,” said Collin Chee, a junior. “The second quarter was our worst quarter, but we were pretty evenly matched.”

For both Chee and Nathan Dougherty, a senior, the second quarter was agreeably the worst for the Scots. However, he was quick to notice the team’s mistakes and was ready to improve.

“We broke down in the second quarter. We lost our confidence in that and we backed down,” said Dougherty.

Although this game’s outcome was dismal, the upcoming game on March 8 against Santa Cruz High School will be a great opportunity to turn things around in the Scots’ favor.

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