New student or new teacher?


Photo courtesy of Kristen Fewins

Fewins smiles for the camera.

Mia Hogan, Staff Writer

Commonly mistaken as a student, Kristen Fewins joined the English department this year.

“What sets me apart from other teachers is that I probably get mistaken as a student more than other teachers just because I am so small,” said Fewins.

Fewins teaches regular and advanced English classes for freshmen in the portable classroom S-4, located behind the pool.

A graduate of the University of California Davis, Fewnis is excited for an eventful year.

Fewins said, “When I got my teaching credential, I was down in the peninsula living with family. I thought Carlmont would be a cool place to work. It has a lot of school pride and I was drawn to the fact that it was a big school. It seemed like a really good place to teach.”

Inspired by her own high school teachers, Fewins decided to pursue teaching, where she is not confined to a desk job all day but instead gets to interact with students.

Within the first three weeks of school, Fewins has already impressed students.

Freshman Elizabeth Boman said, “I really like Ms. Fewins and she has taught me a lot. I have already learned so much more than I did in middle school.”

Freshman Sophie Srivastava said, “Her teaching style is strict, but helpful and she teaches well.”

Throughout Fewin’s own high school and teaching experiences, her favorite part of it all is the high school romance.

“I really get excited for kids around the time of homecoming and prom. When they start to ask each other to the dances, I think I get overly excited for them.” said Fewins.

This year as a teacher Fewins is looking forward to watching all her students experience coming of age events and watching them grow intellectually and as people.

Going head on into the school year, Fewins is ready for an amazing time with a great group of students.

Fewins said, “I am really excited about my classes. I have a good group of students who are all really responsible.”

New teacher, new students, and a new year makes S-4 a great place for a fresh start.