Old Town Sushi worth the wait


Generous portion of a delicious sushi roll

Claudia Leist, Highlander Editor

Old Town Sushi is a bustling and popular sushi restaurant in downtown San Mateo on South B Street. With a pleasing experience all around, there is no doubt it is one of the best.

The menu has a wide array of options from rolls to nigiri with plate options as well. The sushi is clearly made fresh, with delicious fish and enormously generous portions. With amazing prices, the total spent on one’s meal poses a great relief most of the time, depending on what he or she orders.

The service is simple yet quick, with waiters coming every so often to make sure everything is going well. The sushi chefs constantly have smiles on their faces, making the environment pleasurable and happy. Hosts try as hard as they can to seat guests as soon as possible, so it is worth the wait.

The only downside of the restaurant t is its size in comparison to the amount of business it gets. There are often lines out the door and waiting lists filled with names, but that goes to show the satisfaction it brings people. Parking may be difficult to find considering it is downtown San Mateo, but the earlier one arrives the easier it will be to get seated.

Old Town is never a let-down when one is looking for amazing sushi at amazing prices. With nice service and delicious sushi, it will remain to be the most visited sushi resaurant in downtown San Mateo.

Rank: 5 out of 5 stars

Price: $$