One fracture puts a hold on two seasons

One fracture puts a hold on two seasons

Brooke Buckley, Staff Writer

Injury ended the last two games of his Carlmont lacrosse season, and has also affected the start of his soccer season.

Lorenzo Fuentes twisted his ankle causing a hairline fracture during the lacrosse game against Leland High School a few weeks ago at Carlmont.

“I got Injured about two weeks ago, and I will probably be out of soccer for another week. I’ve been upset about my injury because I won’t be able to play in my upcoming soccer showcase,” said Fuentes.

Carlmont faced the last two games of their season against Los Altos and Sequoia without Fuentes.

Los Altos was able to beat Carlmont because of the  loss of Fuentes in the middle. However, Carlmont was able to come together in their second game against Sequoia and finish on top.

“We could have used another middle against Los Altos because with more people the whole team would have been less tired. Lorenzo also has good ball handling skills that the team was bummed to lose,” said Shelby Rebholtz.

“The team won our second game against Sequoia in the Carlseq Cup, and Lorenzo was cheering us on,” said Rebholtz.

Coach Todd Irwin said, “As in any team sport, an injury can impact a team in several ways, from having to play without a key player to changing the team chemistry, dynamic and spirit. Since Lorenzo’s injury happened at the end of the season, and he still came out to practices and games to support his team, we were fortunate that he didn’t let his injury have much of an impact on the team overall, despite it ending his season prematurely.”

Fuentes has been going to physical therapy in order to rebuild his ligaments since the incident.

Teammate Peter Brydon said, “The biggest thing Lorenzo brought to the team was his mentality to always go after the ball, even if that meant getting laid out in the process. That’s a rare trait for our team, and we had trouble making that up.”

“Injury is a relatively common occurrence but not serious injuries that end a season.Those just come down to bad luck,” added Brydon.

“But only Lorenzo’s injury was season ending, and it was in the last week of the season. Each year, the lacrosse rules are getting more strict in terms of limiting contact, all to the players’ benefit. This year, there were several more rules or rule clarifications that helped protect players from possible injury,” said Irwin.

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