PK Shootout


Luke Branscum blocks goal kicked by Team Unnamed.

Karissa Tom, Highlander Editor

All it is between winning and losing is a few feet of grass and a goalie. Associated Student Body’s Penalty Kick (PK) Shootout finished off the semi-finals with a victory for Team Check the Box for Cox.

The team won with a score of 4 to 3 and the final goal was made by Emily Cox.

The PK Shootout is a sudden death competition that involves two teams trying to get more goals than the other. A PK shootout happens at the end of a tied soccer game to determine the winner.

ASB Lunchtime Activities commissioner Raine Kerhin said, “It’s exciting to watch and see different teams performing under pressure. It’s fun to watch because of the excitement of sudden death and the anticipation that it could all end in one goal.”

Luke Li, the manager of Team Check the Box for Cox, had to make the executive decision of kicking himself off his own team to ensure the win.

“Ultimately, I made the right decision and Luke Branscum made a great save with MVP performance,” Li said.

The competition started out with a total of six teams. The semi-finals pitted Team Unnamed against Team Check the Box for Cox.

Amanda Breslauer, player on Team Check the Box for Cox said, “I was really nervous. It turned out well but I felt bad when I didn’t score.”

The PK Shootout  has not been done in a while and is being reintroduced back.

The finals will be Team Debbie versus Team Check the Box for Cox. The winners of the PK Shootout will receive a pizza party.

The last game will be on Jan. 28 during lunch at the football field.

Luke Branscum blocks goal kicked by Team Unnamed.