Pushing Trump out of the spotlight


DonkeyHotey/CC BY 2.0

Trump has been in the spotlight too long and it has only helped him.

Editorial Staff

We thought Americans would come through.

We thought Americans would be smarter than this.

In order to continue being a distinguished news site that offers its audience important local and national news, we must cover the 2016 presidential election to its full extent. This means ending our “Trump ban.”

Even though we are lifting our ban, our previous statement still stands: “We will not allow Trump to take advantage of our readers…”

With the election coming up in November, we are simply striving to provide a variety of news and political coverage.

Ending our ban will not put Trump in the spotlight. It will illuminate national news, in which he will soon be playing a large role in and we can’t limit ourselves from providing our readers with the full coverage of such news.

Since Trump has secured the Republican nomination, he is officially a contender for the presidency.

And that’s not the scary part.

The fact that Trump has made it this far means that his supporters are more powerful and more numerous than we thought. This means the racist, sexist remarks that Trump is known for making resonate with many voters.

The idea that there are so many people in America thinking that a Trump presidency would “Make America Great Again” is the scariest part.

We now know the extent of his power and influence, and we are still doing our part in trying to limit it.

Much like the idea that not voting because none of the options seem right is the same as voting for the winner, staying silent can only work for so long.

We are still acting as concerned Americans, journalists, and high school students, but we are taking a different route.

Reporting on everything that Trump does and says is not a priority for us. As of right now, he is just a piece in this election that we need to use to highlight more important and newsworthy aspects of it. Hopefully, it will not come to the point where we must put him back in the spotlight because that would mean the joke candidate would no longer be a joke or a candidate. He would be our president.

This editorial reflects the views of the Scot Scoop editorial board. This editorial was written by Megan Tao