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Trump has been in the spotlight too long and it has only helped him.

Pushing Trump out of the spotlight

September 22, 2016

We thought Americans would come through. We thought Americans would be smarter than this. In order to continue being a distinguished news site that offers its audience i...

Hillary Clinton has the most votes out of both Democratic and Republican candidates  running for president.

The Democratic party may be our last hope

March 8, 2016

With GOP supporters ominously spelling out the name of their chosen candidate via the Republican primaries, voters may move to the side of the Democrats for the final election. The...

Say goodbye to the blonde ferret that resides on Donald Trump's head, because this is the last time he will be featured on Scot Scoop.

Make America great again by silencing Trump

March 2, 2016

Any publicity is good publicity, and Donald Trump is by far the most publicized candidate in the 2016 presidential election. Almost every news site in the nation is constantly...

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