Reckless driving is prevalent on California’s highways


Nicole del Cardayre

A van cruises along a dangerous highway while potential drunk drivers are on the loose.

Nicole del Cardayre, Staff Writer

Saturday morning, May 7, in Sacramento, a FedEx truck crashed into a California Highway Patrol car, injuring an officer.

The 41-year-old Gregory Ramirez, a San Lorenzo resident, was allegedly driving under the influence and was arrested Saturday afternoon. In addition, Ramirez was in possession of a controlled substance in his truck when he crashed into the Highway Patrol vehicle.

The patrol officer was on foot clearing the scene of a hit-and-run, two-car collision on Highway 50 from earlier that Saturday morning when Ramirez’s truck crashed into him.

In an interview given to NBC Bay Area News, California Highway Patrol officer Michael Bradley said, “A FedEx truck in the slower lanes struck the officer and collided with the patrol vehicle. These crashes are so preventable. The patrol vehicle had its lights on, and that’s why we tell people to slowdown and move over a lane.”

The injured California Highway patrolman was hit in the upper and lower torso.

“He suffered major injuries due to the collision and he’s still in very serious condition. We have our command staff and his family there at the hospital with him and we’re praying for a speedy recovery,” said Bradley.

According to NBC Bay Area News, the injured California Highway patrolman was the third CHP to be hit by a car in the last two months. In December, a FedEx tractor-trailer lost control and jumped the center divider, hitting another vehicle and killing the driver.

“It’s scary knowing that there are drunk drivers out on the roads. It sucks knowing that you could make all the right choices but still be punished for someone else’s poor judgement,” said senior Claire Wheeler.

As teenagers are beginning to drive, it is intimidating and unnerving knowing that there are reckless drivers on the roads.

“I just got my permit, and sometimes, I am scared to drive on the roads, as I always hear about dangerous accidents,” said sophomore Matthew Matias.