Rose sales are blooming


Karissa Tom, Highlander Editor

Roses are red,

Scots are blue,

Why not buy one rose or two?

The annual rose sale for Valentine’s Day started Monday Feb. 5.

Roses cost $2 each and come with a personal message for the recipient.

Associated Student Body Class President Luke Li said, “Valentine’s Day is coming up. I think that buying roses for others is a great way to show that you appreciate and love them. It’s not only for someone you like romantically, but it can also be for friends.”

To promote the rose sale, a few members of ASB walked around during lunch today and passed out roses with a cheesy pick up line.

According to the Veracity Stew website, approximately 110 million roses will be sold and delivered in America during the three day period around Valentine’s Day. Out of all of the roses, more than 60 percent of them are red.

Sophomore Raine Kerhin said, “Rose sales are an awesome way to thank friends for being in you life and it is an easy way to give thanks.”

The roses will be delivered on Feb. 14 during students’ fourth period classes. The roses are being sold during lunch in the quad and will continue through Feb. 13.

“The cutest part of rose sales are delivering the roses to people and seeing how happy they make people,” Li added.


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