School bathrooms show uncleanliness


Sam Hanlon

The bathrooms in S hall are often dirty during the school day.

Sam Hanlon, Staff Writer

Throughout the school day, hundreds of kids use the bathrooms.

However, some students question how clean those bathrooms are during the day.

“Each day, the bathrooms are cleaned by the night custodial staff and are in good condition at the beginning of the school day,” Administrative Vice Principal Grant Steunenberg said.

Although the bathrooms are cleaned nightly, necessary supplies are still sometimes missing in the bathrooms.

“Most of the bathrooms don’t have paper towels or soap,” Kathryn Auyoung, a sophomore, said.

Since staff have their own bathrooms, students are the ones that use the regular bathrooms. Because of this, students can be blamed for the dirty bathrooms.

“Students do not generally treat the restrooms with respect. People fill sinks, toilets, and urinals with paper towels and then leave the water running, causing a deliberate mess,” Steunenberg said.

Some students show a lack of care for the maintenance of the bathrooms yet continue to complain about how dirty they get.

“I don’t think they take care of the bathrooms because they’re either in a rush or know that there are custodians and other people that will clean them up, so they don’t try and keep it clean,” Soni Kanaya, a sophomore, said.


Certain bathrooms are used more than others during the day because they’re more accessible. Therefore, these bathrooms would generally get dirtier.

“Some bathrooms receive higher traffic, and as a result, [they] have more trash and other debris left behind by the end of the day,” said Steunenberg.

Having unclean bathrooms during the day can have a negative effect on students.

Kanaya said, “The gross bathrooms definitely make the students feel less comfortable at school because it may stop them from going to the bathroom.”