Schools try to have a say in when kids start kindergarten


Students play with a parent volunteer at Mountain View Parent Nursery School

Shira Stein, Scot Scoop Editor-in-Chief

Many kids every year and held back by their parents in kindergarten for an extra year, but that is no longer a choice for Mountain View parents.

Mountain View-Whisman School District has decided that students who are eligible for kindergarten must take a test to be held back an extra year by their parents.

Freshman Annie Klups said, “The school should definitely let the parents decide because the parents know their child and if they are ready or not.”

Parents have various reasons for holding back their children an extra year. Whether it is because the child isn’t developed enough socially, is slightly too young for entering school, or personal rationals, it used to be the parent’s choice.

“It is sad and wrong. Little kids shouldn’t have to go into school that early and have to do homework. They get enough of that experience from school when they are older,” stated sophomore Kaitlyn Kelly.

Whereas kindergarten used to be a place of naps and starting to learn how to get along in a school environment, it is now becoming a place of homework and getting thrust into the real world. Many parents want to delay their children from having to start homework that early.

Sophomore Sabrina Cojocaru stated, “Parents should have sovereignty over their children.”

Now with that choice being taken away from them, parents who want that right will have to subject their children to a test to determine their kindergarten readiness.

One thing is for sure; school requirements are becoming larger and choices are becoming smaller.