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Why do schools have open house?

March 20, 2019

Rachel Hunter reports on Carlmont High School's open house.

A mom looking at all of the high school choices for her 8th grader and ponders which one will be best.

Local high schools offer something for everyone

March 12, 2019

Bobby sits in class struggling to understand the first problem on the worksheet. His eyes dart across the room but the teacher is not available to help. On the other side of the clas...

Opinion: How schools are failing America’s youth and how to stop it

Opinion: How schools are failing America’s youth and how to stop it

December 19, 2018

In 2011, a McKinsey consulting firm report concluded that a little over half of the college graduates were unemployed, and out of the remaining graduates who had jobs, 48 percent of them were currently in work that requires less than a four-year degree. With statisti...

Vendors sell olive oil at Olive Festival in Fremont.

Fremont community celebrates Mediterranean history

October 10, 2018

Fremont pays tribute to its past by recognizing the Franciscan friars who settled in the area in 1894, planted olive trees, and shared their golden oils with the locals in their a...

Constitution equipment sits idle during construction delays.

San Carlos elementary schools encounter another construction delay

November 8, 2017

San Carlos elementary schools' plans are thrown off again with the construction delays of Charter Learning Center and Mariposa Upper Elementary. The San Carlos School District plans to crea...

Carlmont's parking lot has spots available for $100 apiece. After school especially, all the cars flooding out of these parking lots slows traffic and causes a rush of cars.

Lack of parking poses issues

October 22, 2017

One of the special bonds that students and parents share is the hassle associated with Carlmont parking lots. Carlmont's parking lots have resulted in an overflow of studen...

School Resource Officer Brian Vogel looks over the Big Five on his computer.

Schools prepare for the worst in aftermath of shootings

October 6, 2015

Mass shootings at schools are no longer the rare occurrence they once were. They have become something that people are constantly hearing about from the media, leaving many to...

Former Carlmont student Josh Fagel stands with his parents as he reads the Torah, the central text of Judaism.

Schools need to minimize religious conflicts

September 9, 2015

To what extent should secular public schools accommodate the diverse religious faiths of their students?  This is the heated question Carlmont High School now faces. This ...

Ding’s tale of two schools

January 28, 2015

Going into high school is a big change, but going to a school where you don't know anyone is even harder. Sophomore Chris Ding graduated from Ralston Middle School with the...

Michelle Obama fights junk food in schools

Michelle Obama fights junk food in schools

February 27, 2014

Michelle Obama plans to eliminate advertisements for "junk" food in schools in hopes of creating healthier eating habits. The First Lady wants to get rid of sugary drinks and unhe...

Learning how to cook is still taught in some schools.

Everyday skills not taught in high schools

December 11, 2013

Are students being taught all the skills they need? When graduating from high school, students should theoretically be able to take care of themselves as adults. They are expecte...

California schools receive new funding, updates, and technologies.

California schools getting facelifts

October 2, 2013

San Mateo High School is about to open their new $28 million Performing Arts center as California sets new school budgets for the 2013-2014 school year and other local schools...

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