The Carlmont Scots exit the field after their hard fought game against the Aragon Dons. (Taran Sun)
The Carlmont Scots exit the field after their hard fought game against the Aragon Dons.

Taran Sun

Scots are shut out of the opening game

September 5, 2015

The Carlmont Scots experienced a heavy 33-0 defeat in their opening varsity football game against the Aragon Dons.

From the first play of the game, the Dons gave the Scots no room to breathe. The Dons opened up aggressively after receiving the kickoff, pushing the Scots back towards the end zone. Shortly afterwards, Aragon claimed the first touchdown of the game with a well placed pass on the fourth down.

The Scots’ first offensive possession appeared promising after a couple of first downs. However, a few downs later the Dons broke through the defensive line and sacked the Scots’ quarterback, forcing a fumble and a turnover.

Senior Sam Levy said, “As a die hard Scots fan, I’m a little bit frustrated. Offensively, we have given up a couple turnovers. We are going to have opportunities late, we just have to stick in this game. I’m optimistic after this first quarter that we can turn this around.”

As the game progressed, the Scots were left with nothing to show for their efforts. Despite several impressive runs and passes from the Scots’ offense, the Dons shut them out completely, forcing turnover after turnover. In addition, the Dons capitalized on the majority of their possessions, pulling further and further ahead of the Scots before claiming the victory.

Sophomore Timmy Palthe, starting varsity quarterback, said, “I think we definitely have room to improve, we need to work towards better pass protection. On defense, we did alright and we came out strong, but we didn’t get the win. It was a good start to the season though.”

As most good athletes do, the Scots are already analyzing their loss and searching for areas of growth in their game.

Senior Jake Kumamoto, varsity running back, said, “We didn’t get dominated by them physically or in ability, we just let up too many big plays. We had mistakes and penalties that cost us the game. However, they are two divisions higher than us, so we will be well prepared when we enter our league games.”

In spite of the less than optimal outcome, Scots fans were not deterred from supporting their football team. The Carlmont Screaming Scots, known for their relentless enthusiasm, urged the varsity players on with cheers and drums throughout the entire game.

Sophomore Jake Stulbarg said, “They played well and they didn’t give up, that’s what matters. I’m proud of our Screamin’ Scots section, they were electric the entire night.”

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