Scots get hyped for the last football game of the year

The Scots are loud and proud and make use of bullhorns at football games

The Scots are loud and proud and make use of bullhorns at football games

Danielle Hamer, Scot Scoop In Depth Editor

Student spirit levels are rapidly rising as the student body prepares for the last football game of the year against Carlmont’s rival school, Sequoia High School.

While Carlmont’s Friday night football opponents are often from schools that are far away and unheard of to students, Sequoia’s team brings close friends to the excited student body attending the Nov. 15 football game, which will be the conclusion of home games until next year.

The Scots are loud and proud and make use of bullhorns at football games
The Scots are loud and proud and make use of bullhorns at football games

Junior and ASB publicity supervisor Amanda Breslauer said, “This game is the biggest game of the season, and people are more excited than normal because they have more friends coming to watch from Sequoia. I am in ASB, so I have an expectation to participate and show spirit, but I can tell many people, whether they are in ASB or not, are very hyped up about the game.”

During this football season, ASB has promoted the well-attended games with facebook statuses and reminders, YouTube videos, fliers, and the daily announcements.

Though we have been unable to defeat Sequoia’s team in past years, students have hope that the improved football team will bring in a win against the long-time sports enemies, despite the fact that Carlmont’s 3-6 overall score has made them ineligible to continue on to CCS Championships.

For the football team’s seniors, the game means a lot more than just a win or a lose.

Senior football team member Tristan Gasperian said, “We plan and hope for a big turnout at the game. The seniors have been getting ready for this since week one. We are all getting ready to play our final Scots game, so we know we have to make it memorable.”

While high-spirited football games can be intimidating to the newcomers, or the freshmen, in high school, Carlmont has heard a lot of cheer at football games from the freshman class this year.

Freshman Rose Pellegrini said, “Aside from the seniors, who are having their last ‘hoorah’ as high schoolers, I believe the freshman class has the most spirit. It’s our first year here, and we are all so excited to be part of the high school spirit experience. Being crazy and cheering on the team has put me in a position where people see me as more approachable and I have made so many friends while cheering on Carlmont.”

Students have found numerous ways to show their spirit during football games, including cheering in the ‘Screaming Scots’ section of the bleachers, face painting, wearing all blue and silver, and holding up signs encouraging the team.

For those who have not yet attended a football game this season, this game promises to end the season with a bang, and a large turnout of as many students as possible will show the team that the student body has faith in them.

Go Scots!