Scots junior varsity baseball beats Menlo Atherton Bears


Carlmont happy for their win

Scott Schulze, Staff Writer

The Carlmont Scots frosh-soph baseball team played against the Menlo Atherton Bears. Both teams played near equally, but Carlmont pulled it together to score in overtime.

Both of the teams struggled with many errors which changed the game dramatically.

The Scots managed to get the final run they needed when they loaded the bases on the Bear’s pitcher pegged the batter. This brought the final score of the game to 4-3.

Alex Smith claims that, “today’s game was really intense.”

The first three innings went by quickly because both teams were putting players on bases and only hitting the ball in the infield, providing an easy opportunity for quick outs.

Nick Thompson had a great game in center field. He was able to catch a few clutch balls, ultimately saving many runs.

After the third inning, both teams started to play carefully. They also began to steal bases whenever they could.

Carlmont scored their first two runs off of stolen bases. and got their third run from Thompson hitting the ball to right field, bringing the man at third home.

The innings going into overtime was where the Scots started to play well. Their pitching was on target and they were able to make it on base.

Ryan Callahan said, “Our pitching is really good. Today our pitching was not top-notch”.

Joe Pratt said, “We have been playing very well this season. Our record is now 13-2.”

Carlmont happy for their win
Carlmont happy for their win
Alex Smith throwing to first
Alex Smith throwing to first