Scots show their sleepy side


Senior Kayla Wright shows off her "Adventure Time" onesie

Kristen Friis, ScotCenter Editor-in-Chief/Business Manager

Many Carlmont students rolled right out of bed and showed up to school on Friday without having bothered to put on a change of clothes.

“I came up with the idea to have a pajama day because sophomore class president James Pak and I wanted to do a spirit day,” said sophomore vice president Amanda Breslauer. “People already come to school in their P.J.s anyway.”

“Some people don’t even need a pajama day to wear pajamas” said sophomore Pierre Llorach.

Many students went all-out today as some came in the so called “onesie,” while others just came in some sweats, a sweatshirt and slippers.

“I was too lazy to wear pants today,” commented senior Max McBride. “It was also a spirit day and I like being comfortable.”

Some students didn’t come to school in pajamas today at all.

“I didn’t wear them because I have dance fourth period and I can never hear the announcements!” said senior Tatiana Viera. “But, if I had known, I would have either worn my Spongebob or Perry the Platypus onesie.”

Senior Kayla Wright shows off her “Adventure Time” onesie