Scots wear shorts in February

The bipolar weather in February has Sophomore Kiki Dvorakova puzzled about her outfit choices.

Jill Albertson

The bipolar weather in February has Sophomore Kiki Dvorakova puzzled about her outfit choices.

Jill Albertson, Staff Writer

February is typically known as the month with rain boots, rainbows and pale complexions, but the last few weeks have felt more like Bermuda than Belmont.

While Carlmont students are trying to study hard through the first half of second semester, a feeling of summer has caused a lack of focus in the classroom.

Sophomore Kiki Dvorakova said, “This weather is incredibly bizarre, but I love it! The only downside is that it’s giving me false hope that school is almost over. I keep seeing the bright sun through my classroom windows and it makes me think I don’t have to try as hard because school is almost done, until I realize that it’s only the middle of February.”

A strong summer fever has swept over Carlmont High School and is creating a confusing work environment for many students.

Sophomore Zane VanArsdel said, “I’m focusing significantly less in school because I’ll wear a sweater thinking it’s going to be chilly during the day, but then it ends up being 80 degrees and it becomes too hot to think. I know it may seem like a small thing, but I get easily stressed out when I’m overheated.”

Choosing outfits in the morning before school has become a hard task for some, considering the uncertainty of whether it will be rainy or sunny.

Dvorakova said, “I check the weather every single morning now because it could be sunny when I wake up, but then pour later in the day. I never know. I’ve also found that wearing layers to school really helps so if it gets hot, I can just take off my sweatshirt.”

While some students are facing challenges with the weather, others are loving the sunshine and the positive effect it has on people’s moods.

Junior Julia Kelly said, “I love that there has been this warm week in between all the rainy days. Sunny skies make me happy and get me motivated to go outside and do something with my time. Now I’m just excited for when it’s actually summer time!”