Candidates for Board appear before community

The seven candidate question and answer forum was held at the Belmont Library (taken from

The seven candidate question and answer forum was held at the Belmont Library (taken from

Becca Fradkin, Scot Scoop Multimedia Editor/Social Media Team

Seven candidates running for the Belmont School Board gathered at the Belmont Library to answer concerns and questions of the local voters on Oct. 3.

The League of Women Voters (LWV) created this forum on behalf of the voters, giving each candidate equal time to represent themselves, their views and ambitions for the board. Among the seven candidates running for office, three will be chosen to represent the district.

Margie Gater, head of the event and member of the LWV, said, “This forum gives voters the opportunity to directly hear from candidates and have a chance to ask questions on various topics.”

One of the candidates running for the board is one of Carlmont’s English Teachers, Kelly Redmon. Redmon showed that she would be a useful asset to the board because she gives a teacher’s perspective, a parent’s perspective, and a local resident’s perspective.

Redmon said, “Now we need to do repair work… and make sure our message from the board is helpful to the teachers and encouraging the students to succeed.”

Fellow candidate, Herbert Neuman said the voter needs to “Listen for the details and believe no one” to further decide for themselves which candidate is best for the district.

With different ethnicities and backgrounds among the candidates, the outcome of the election will leave a very diverse, and multi-opinionated board.

Candidate Naomi Nishimoto said, “I believe that every person has a voice and has the opportunity to be heard.”

Previously, there were not enough candidates for an election process which makes this an important milestone for the community.

The election will be held on Nov. 5. Each new member will have a four year term.

“Details matter and you deserve the details, so let’s get to it,” said Neuman.