Sex sells

Ayesha Abbasi, Social Media Editor/Columnist

Sex sells.

Looking for the easiest way to attract customers to products? Just add a little sex appeal. The purpose of advertisements is to prove that the products are of use in one way or another.
Sex is one of the strongest physiological appeals. Sexual desires are even prominent in animals, with the common dream of finding the perfect mate.

“People act like these ads don’t even attract their attention but really look at Victoria Secret how can you not just glance,” asked freshman Michael Lima.
Stores use the method of advertising nearly naked bodies with attractive physiques in order to draw in customers. People are given the idea that they can embody perfection by wearing or using these product.

Ads appeal to different genders in different ways.
For women the approach is more romantic with the use of roses, soft light, music, and “ideal” man. The ad sells the product on the basis that its purchase will give the woman this feeling of romance in her life.

Advertisements appealing to men are much simpler with the appeal of sex and nothing more attached to it. For example a beer ad where a beautiful woman is attracted to the man drinking the beer, showing that if the consumer drinks the beer attractive women will be drawn to him.

“Some of the ads make it seem like if you buy the product you get the people too,” said sophomore Mariko Orii.

Sex appeal is so overused to the point where it becomes a normal everyday thing to see.

“It’s everywhere on TVs, billboards, and bags. It’s just average now there is nothing different about it because you see it all the time,” said sophomore Daryush Shahid.

Advertisements have an important job to do with little time and space to go into too much detail.

The way to get the point across is to draw attention. Some see this as a problem because it is not only the intended audience who is being exposed to all these advertisements.

“I personally don’t like the entire idea of sex, it scares me. Plus all these younger kids see these ads. Why would you want to show them all of this when they’re so little,” said sophomore Cate Sue.

Ads are regulated for their sexual content by the Federal Communications Commission or the FCC. They are the ones who give out licenses for most commercial services including wireless, television, and radio.

“I think it’s really healthy to see all these sexually driven ads. Sex is a part of human nature and people should become more comfortable and aware of it.” said sophomore Eden Gutkin.

Sexually driven commericals and advertisments will not be changing anytime soon.

We cannot escape it, sex is everywhere, because it sells quickly.