‘SGN’ keeps good news flowing during tough times

Title screen and logo for Some Good News / John Krasinski / Wikipedia / CC BY-2.0

Title screen and logo for Some Good News / John Krasinski / Wikipedia / CC BY-2.0

The colorful "SGN" poster backgrounds Krasinski's YouTube series.

In his most recent debut, “The Office” star John Krasinski released his new YouTube series, “Some Good News” (SGN), raising the spirits of millions.

Widely known for his roles in “The Office,” “Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan,” and several other productions, Krasinski is well known for his versed personality, which makes his YouTube series an entertaining watch.

The series is produced by Krasinski and focuses on the positive things going on around the world despite the ongoing pandemic.

He goes against the usual trend of negative news channels that bring anything but joy and happiness.

Upon the release of the first episode of the series, the channel gained over 330,000 subscribers overnight and reached two million within a month. Krasinski was able to achieve this number of viewers with help from his Instagram accounts and his significant following.

His uplifting series is shot in a regular office space in his home in front of a bright and colorful poster that Krasinski’s children made for him. 

Unlike most, the casual tone of the series allows the viewers to create a more personal connection to him.

In his first episode of the series, Krasinski had a heartwarming reunion with former co-star, Steve Carell, who played Michael Scott on the hit television series. This amusing conversation between Krasinski and Carell had “The Office” fanatics going crazy over the surprise Zoom call.

In a later episode, Krasinski continued “The Office” reunion by bringing in Rainn Wilson, completing the iconic duo of Jim and Dwight once again.

This reunion was but a start to the series. In episode two, he had the entire cast of the musical “Hamilton” performing for a 9-year-old superfan. 

Krasinski later dedicated the third episode to healthcare workers by surprising a group from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston with guest star David Ortiz and a trip to Fenway Park, where they were given lifetime season pass tickets to the Boston Red Sox.

Krasinski is relentless in his dedication to honoring people from all over. 

Krasinski also organized a virtual prom for all of the class of 2020. Hosted on April 16, 2020, Krasinski live-streamed his set that he had decorated with dance lights and streamers. Krasinski brought in The Jonas Brothers to perform their hit song, “Sucker,” and Billie Eilish to perform “Bad Guy.” 

He encouraged seniors from all over to dress up in their prom attire and post their pictures tagging @somegoodnews.

Similar to Krasinski, actor Kevin Hart also has his own Youtube series called “What the Fit.” Hart’s show takes fellow celebrities on a short fitness activity to entertain the viewers. Both Krasinski and Hart do a great job at putting together a series for people to enjoy.

Krasinski continues to create lively episodes for anyone to watch in their large amounts of downtime, and I, for one, am excited to see what comes next.