Slow Food is on the move


Isabella Paragas, Illustrator and Staff Writer

[media-credit id=59 align=”alignnone” width=”300″][/media-credit]Carlmont’s Slow Food Club has just been restarted this year, and the members have been busy fixing up the once dying Pandaora’s Garden, next to the T-hall walk way. Some students had commented on why the garden was still there.

The garden that had once seemed abandoned, is now blooming with California poppies and has many new and fresh plants.

The Slow Food Club had disbanded last year, and has just been started-up once again by two juniors, one being Virginia O’Callahan.

The club is “essentially the opposite of fast food,” in the words of O’Callahan, which means that they promote healthy eating and the rebuilding and caring for Pandora’s Garden.

As co-president of the club, O’Callahan expressed her joy at being able to rebuild the garden, “After we finally set up the club, we worked on pulling all the weeds and making the garden presentable, which was both fun and gratifying.”

In the future, they hope to install composting bins to be used in the school kitchen, and are currently planning on more projects.

“In previous years, not much has been done to help Carlmont per se, but I hope to try and promote at least something,” explained O’Callahan.

Students interested in joining the club are more than welcome. The club also has a Facebook page, “Slow Food Club 2011-2012”, the officers will post any important information and dates.

“Hopefully more people will see the garden and want to help out,” said O’Callahan.

The meetings are held on non-math contest Tuesdays at Pandora’s Garden by the T- and S-halls. If it is raining, then the club meets in T-2, Mr. Shelley’s room.

Link to the Facebook page: