Softball coach scores 900th win

Coach Jim Liggett celebrates his 900th win

Coach Jim Liggett celebrates his 900th win

Last Thursday, Carlmont’s varsity softball team celebrated an 8-1 win against Capuchino. But, it was more than just a win for Coach Jim Liggett, as the victory over Capuchino have him his 900th win in his career.

“It’s a good tribute to the types of players we get here at Carlmont, and to the softball program” Liggett said, explaining that “I started coaching softball in 1976…I never thought I would do softball for even a year at first.”

The softball team has also been excited over the news, “It’s great that our coach has had that much success, we’re lucky to have him” said Rebecca Faulkner, a varsity softball player.

“The players knew it was a milestone. I don’t know if they understand the history, but they’re happy to be apart of it,” Liggett said.

Coach Liggett has been coaching at Carlmont since 1967, and besides teaching softball, he can be seen around campus occasionally as a substitute teacher.

Liggett has been coaching softball for 36 years, since 1976. In that time, he has coached football and softball, procuring a legendary status on campus for his determination and coaching.

Liggett is optimistic about the future, stating that, “Our main goal is to be first in the luege and to go as far as we can go to win CCS.”