Spring break gives time off from stress


Sadie Lyman

Spring break gives students the opportunity to go outside and take a deep breath; it allows students to focus on fun instead of the stresses in their lives.

Sadie Lyman, Staff Writer

Spring break has almost arrived, and students are more eager than ever to get the time off.

Typically, students use spring break to go on vacation, hang out with friends, and relax. During the break, students have the opportunity to take a step back and focus on something besides school.

Though students may feel the need to do as much as possible over spring break, it is important that they use the week as a time to stop stressing over their education. This time of the year can be considered especially hard for some students since the curriculum is constantly advancing each semester.

“Though I am a freshman, I’ve noticed that the second semester is a lot harder than the first. Spring break is a great way to give students an extra break and allow them to get all caught up,” said Josie Ceragioli, a freshman.

Many students feel a lot of pressure when their schoolwork starts to pile up and become harder, so spring break is important to them because it allows them to catch up on their work and regain the motivation to finish the school year.

“Spring break is important for students because they need time to rest their brains and also catch up on sleep because school can mess with their sleep schedules a lot. It is also important for teachers as well because they can take a break from their jobs,” Shelby Perkins, a sophomore, said.

Spring break also allows students time to do activities that are normally hard to do during the school year.

“I’m especially excited for spring break because I get to hang out with my friends and family, go to the beach, and do stuff I normally don’t have time to do,” Savannah Ponce, a freshman, said.