Carlmont students have big plans for Spring break

Carlmont students prepare to enjoy spring break

Carlmont students prepare to enjoy spring break

Lauren Tierney, Staff Writer

As Spring break approaches students plan to take advantage of their time off in many different ways.

Whether it’s visiting colleges, spending time with family and friends, or taking an exotic vacation Carlmont students will not let their spring break go to waste.

As the May 1st deadline to decide on which college to go to quickly approaches many seniors scramble to visit their top schools before making the final decision of which college to attend.

Senior Jen Anthony said, “I plan on touring colleges and hopefully by the end of break I will be able to decide where I am going.”

Spring break is the last week of April giving students their final opportunity to squeeze in those college visits.

Senior Soha Said said, “I’m going to multiple colleges over break to make up my final decision of where to attend school.”

AP tests also quickly approach after break comes to an end starting on May 4th.

Senior Alex Smith said, “I want to relax and soak up some sun. I’m putting off time everyday to study for AP tests as well.”

Many students choose to get out of town this break spending time with both friends and family.

Junior Taylor Murray said, “I plan on spending quality time with my family during spring break in Hawaii.”

Spring break is always the time to get away to those hot vacation places as summer quickly approaches.

Senior Sabrina Sniper said, “I’m going to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with five of my friends for spring break and I couldn’t be more excited.”

This year Mexico was rated one of the top vacation place for teenagers.

From the ocean to their future college campus students will enjoy big plans for their spring break until school resumes on April 27.