Spring events excite students


Alyn Seymour

Carlmont students look forward to prom on April 28 and are excited for more activities.

Alyn Seymour, Staff Writer

As the weather gets warmer and the end of school is nearing, more activities are being planned by ASB.

With events like Gender Equality Week and Mini Madness over, Carlmont is already getting ready for fun end-of-year events.

One event, in particular, that is coming up in the spring is prom, which will take place on April 28.  

“People should look forward to prom because it’ll be really fun,” said Michelle Tenin, a junior and dance commissioner in ASB. “Leading up to and during prom season, dance commission is really busy with preparations. Some cool new aspects will be added to the dance this year as well.”

For those who aren’t interested in attending school dances, activities that involve a bigger portion of the student body are planned as well.

We only have a couple of months, so we want to make them good.”

— Stephanie Blackburn

“We can’t talk about the exact details, but in upcoming projects, we are focusing more on involving the whole school,” said Stephanie Blackburn, a junior and ASB publicity commissioner. “A lot of activities we do are based solely in the quad or are focused on specific clubs, but certain projects coming up are going to be available to more students.”

This surprising event will be coming up at the end of the year and will aim to unify the campus.

“The event will be around the celebration assembly, and a lot of commissions within ASB have been working hard to make it all happen,” said Tenin.

The springtime brings warmer weather, and students are excited about the thought of summer vacation and fun events that are leading up to June.

“I think more lunchtime activities and outdoor activities will happen in the upcoming months,” said Eve Garcia-Torbenson, a junior. “These few weeks have been our first taste of warmer weather and I can definitely feel everyone’s excitement, so I think ASB will cater to that by having fun activities.”

With only a few months left until summer vacation, ASB plans to wrap up the end of the school year and make sure everyone leaves on a good note.

“Certain projects coming up are aimed to bring everyone together,” said Blackburn. “ASB wants there to be closure for this school year and make sure everyone leaves with a sense of unity and belonging. We only have a couple of months, so we want to make them good.”