Driven students make spring play possible


Chesirae Barbano

Students rehearse and become familiar with their roles for the spring play “Beyond the Pages.”

Alexandra Stein, Staff Writer

Student-written and student-directed, with the drama department providing costumes and parents painting sets, this year’s spring play is a community effort.

This year’s spring play, “Beyond the Pages,” is in full swing of rehearsals in preparation for performance.

The spring play is unique compared to other Carlmont performances because it is directed by students. This year, those students are seniors Emma Sazio and Ramy Wong.

“It is a play that I wrote, and it is about a guy who wakes up in a fairytale land with no memories, and he goes on this journey to find out who he is and ends up saving their world,” said Sazio.

Some of the actors enjoy this style of performing.

“It’s more personal and creates a more comfortable, safe environment [with a student director], without judgement. Also, I like my character and can relate to him; a lot of us can relate to our characters, which I think is going to help the play come to life,” said junior Reed Rouland. Rouland is a key character in the play, who is working hard towards its outcome.

Senior Lauren Young has preformed in the spring play the past two years. She is not performing in this play though.

She said, “As a second semester senior, I don’t have the same motivation as previous years, but my friends are directing it this year and I’m looking forward to seeing it.”

The play progresses along a tight schedule.

“We run lines, practice blocking, and in about two and a half weeks we will stop using our scripts and be completely memorized,” said Rouland.

Students in the play have been hard at work with rehearsals four days a week.

“We run everything on those days in bits and pieces, so I’m really excited for it all to come together,” said Sazio.

The play arrives at Carlmont in April, at which time students involved will make announcements to their classes, and flyers will be posted around school to ensure maximum attendance.