The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.

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The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.

Scot Scoop News

The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.

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Gabrielle Shore

Gabrielle Shore, Scot Scoop Editor

Gabrielle Shore is a junior in her second year of Carlmont's journalism program. She views journalism as a pursuit of truth and an opportunity to provoke change by doing something she loves: writing. Outside of journalism, Gabi is involved in the Belmont Youth Advisory Committee and Belmont News, and she loves to read, practice guitar, and spend time with friends. View her site here.

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Air Force personnel operates a military robot similar to those possessed by the San Francisco Police Department. Imagine this robot, fully equipped with explosives, rolling through Union Square in the event of an emergency. How could residents possibly feel unsafe in this scenario?

Satire: The day the robots take over

Gabrielle Shore, Scot Scoop Editor December 5, 2022

San Francisco's Board of Supervisors approved a plan to employ lethal robots in an 8-3 vote on Tuesday, Nov. 29 – a tremendous win for anyone who favors police measures that are both tough on crime and...

Students should have a voice in the discussion of what books are assigned for class.

Editorial: We need to turn the page on assigned readings

Gabrielle Shore and Editorial Staff November 9, 2022

Books are portals to fictional worlds. In flipping through their pages, one can traverse the galaxy with The Little Prince, gaze out to sea alongside Santiago, or enjoy breakfast with the March sisters.  For...

There are currently more than 14,000 incarcerated girls in the United States, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

Juvenile (in)justice: girls in the system

Gabrielle Shore, Scot Scoop Editor November 8, 2022

When one envisions the juvenile justice system, images of young delinquents behind bars likely come to mind. Or perhaps a juvenile court is the first image to appear, the judge determining a child’s...

The first 100% affordable housing project was built on 817 Walnut Street, San Carlos.

San Carlos city council candidates share perspectives on housing developments

Inaaya Omer and Gabrielle Shore October 26, 2022

In response to community-led responses in East San Carlos and East Belmont, city leaders in the local area are making their voices heard before upcoming elections. For San Carlos, the upcoming city...

Oracles Design Tech High School campus was established in 2014.

Fanning the flames: administration’s response to rebellion ignites controversy

Thirteen students were suspended from Design Tech High School ( in Redwood City, California. These students, along with many others, protested the school’s new policies on Aug. 24, prompting allegations...

A boat serves as a sign for Big Wave and symbolizes the projects association with the Half Moon Bay community.

Big Wave project makes a splash in Half Moon Bay community

Gabrielle Shore, Scot Scoop Editor April 14, 2022

“What will happen to my child when I’m gone?”  This question haunts many parents of children with disabilities. The Big Wave Project offers reassurance to these parents, community to their children,...

The chasing arrows represent the cycle that the recycling system is supposed to be, but recyclable material often ends up in a landfill.

Beyond the blue bin: how recycling might be a waste

Gabrielle Shore, Scot Scoop Editor March 12, 2022

The irritating chug of the garbage truck before it screeches to a stop echoes through the street. Three bins stand, eagerly anticipating the truck’s arrival—one black, one green, and one blue.  This...

Human traffickers may normalize the crime so victims cannot recognize its severity. “Many human trafficking victims don’t understand the law, and they don’t know that what is happening to them is an actual criminal act, said Pamela Estes, the San Mateo County Human Trafficking Program Coordinator.

San Mateo County works to prevent human trafficking

Gabrielle Shore, Scot Scoop Editor February 11, 2022

In San Mateo County, oftentimes, people may forget that crimes can happen here too. The white picket fences that line some streets can easily create a false sense of security. One might see litter on the...

A teacher leads a zoom class – a responsibility many Bay Area teachers may need to take on due to student absences.

At least a quarter of my students has missed the better part of a week,” said Sequoia teacher Edith Salvatore.

Bay Area schools respond to omicron surge

Gabrielle Shore, Scot Scoop Editor January 22, 2022

Bay Area school districts are treading water in a pool of uncertainty during the current omicron surge. Most districts have distributed tests and masks, but frequent absences coupled with student protests...

Ghanaian people burn e-waste at Agbogbloshie to obtain the valuable metals inside.

Toxic treasure in Ghana

Gabrielle Shore, Scot Scoop Editor January 15, 2022

Noxious fumes swirl above Ghana’s capital city, Accra.  One inhale of this acidic black smoke might lead to a dry throat, maybe a cough. A few hundred more could result in disease. A Ghanaian...

Densely populated houses sit at the edge of the Pasig River, which flows through the Philippines.

Flowing pollution in the Philippines

Gabrielle Shore, Scot Scoop Editor January 14, 2022

A plastic water bottle flows down the Pasig river, bending and curving through lush forests and highly urbanized areas. It travels under bridges and ventures through verdant canopies that shade the river...

Trash pickers carry recyclable materials of value in a cart attached to a motorcycle.

Rising landfills in Indonesia

Gabrielle Shore, Scot Scoop Editor December 13, 2021

Two hundred acres.  Over 150 football fields.  Engulfing the entire area are heaping mounds of unrecycled waste. These mounds sit in Bantar Gebang, a landfill just south of Jakarta.  Jakarta...

The chasing arrows inaccurately represent recycling systems worldwide in which plastics go straight to the landfill.


The chasing arrows inaccurately represent recycling systems worldwide in which plastics go straight to the landfill.

A shopper walks down one of the numerous rows of booths browsing their unique wares.

West Coast Craft weaves community together

Alana Wacker and Gabrielle Shore November 28, 2021

From pottery embellished with images of goats to cacti ornaments woven out of green thread, West Coast Craft (WCC) displays the distinct works of artists and craftspeople from all over California. Food...

The San Mateo Youth Services Center contains the San Mateo County Probation office, the Superior Juvenile Court, the Juvenile Hall, and other resources for the incarcerated youth.

County representatives reimagine juvenile hall

Alana Wacker and Gabrielle Shore November 7, 2021

Twenty-five years in prison. Over 12 in solitary confinement. All starting at the age of 17. In 1992, Paul Bocanegra, an East San Jose resident, was involved in a drive-by gang shooting in high...

The full-scale model of the James Webb Space Telescope sits at the South by Southwest film festival.

Webb Telescope peers into the past

Alana Wacker and Gabrielle Shore October 15, 2021

The James Webb Space Telescope will launch the scientific community into the future by gazing into the past. After 16 days at sea, 10 billion dollars, and 25 years of development, the Webb telescope...

Kymry Esainko performs under the pohutukawa tree while Flower Piano attendees watch.

Music blooms at Botanical Garden

Alana Wacker and Gabrielle Shore September 25, 2021

If one listened in closely, they would hear 12 different melodies dance through the air of the San Francisco Botanical Garden last week during Flower Piano. Flower Piano is a collaboration...

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The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.
Gabrielle Shore