‘Steven Universe’ shines a positive light on LGBTQ couples

*Spoiler Alert*

The season finale of Steven Universe portrayed LGBTQ couples in a positive way through a lesbian couple.


The season finale of “Steven Universe” portrayed LGBTQ couples in a positive way through a lesbian couple.

Karen Gao, Staff Writer

“Steven Universe” took a risk in its season finale by introducing a queer couple.

The animated series is about a team of intergalactic warriors called the Crystal Gems (Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl), who drawn their magical powers and weapons from their gems. Steven Universe is a gem/human hybrid, who discovers more about his powers and gem-kind’s dark past.

This big step in representation of non-heterosexual relationships attracted both fans and critics alike.

The couple had an impact on viewers of all ages, with many older audiences appreciating the show’s depiction of same-sex relationships.

The portrayal of love between two women served to reinforce the idea that it is alright for people to love someone who isn’t of the opposite sex. For younger viewers, this stand by “Steven Universe” came at a time of self-discovery and self-acceptance.

Viewers have praised this show for the amazing scene in which the lesbian couple was revealed. Many recognize the scene as beautiful, regardless of it being a different approach to romance in the television industry.

However, the series itself is also an outstanding masterpiece with deep messages, beautiful artwork, and fabulous soundtracks in every episode.

There are emotional and dark moments which really explore the characters, showing that none of them are perfect and that everyone has flaws. Yet at the same time, all of the show’s characters, whether good or evil, are impossible to truly dislike.

The humor and serious parts of each individual episode flow perfectly, with a natural transition from scene to scene.

Each moment, the viewer should be prepared for the series to take a sudden turn to a dark or emotional moment despite the humor seeming to be the main focus.

Even while being promoted as a silly kids’ show, this series has gained massive popularity with older audiences for having complex and realistic characters with dynamic feelings and unique personalities.

I would highly recommend this series to anyone for the amazing story and stunning visuals that have captured the hearts of many viewers.

5 / 5 stars