Striking Gold: A Discussion with a Hypnotic English Teacher


Zoe Wildman, Highlander Editor

The phrase ‘you are feeling sleepy’ may mean something different in Susan Gold’s class than in many others. Gold is an AS English teacher, hypnotherapist, and writer.

“I’ve been interested in hypnotherapy since I was in high school, and I had this really amazing experience at a leadership conference where we were taken through this guided imagery experience and it really stuck in my mind,” said Gold.

Later in her life she took the initiative to become certified in hypnotherapy.

“It helps people find their inner selves. The style I work with is really known for helping people with their eating and exercise habits, quitting smoking, and things like that, but also building confidence and getting over fears; it’s neat work,” said Gold.

The approach that Gold takes to teaching also helps students get in touch with their inner selves.

“In this field, we all bring something special to it. Our personal interests and what we are passionate about definitely enters the classroom, and creative writing is a passion of mine,” said Gold, “I love to give kids opportunities to get creative.”

Gold also practices creative writing in her free time. She is currently writing a novel which has been an ongoing endeavor.

“I’d given up on the novel and I said, ‘I’m done. It’s too hard. I don’t know what I’m doing,’ but then this year I’m taking all of these novel writing classes to learn how to write it,” said Gold. “My great hope is to finish this novel. Beyond that I don’t care if it gets published or anything, I just want to finish it.”

Although the busy AS class curriculum does not allow much time for creative writing, Gold also enjoys teaching literature to her students.

“My favorite thing to teach is Shakespeare. I never get tired of reading the same play over and over again,” stated Gold.

Fortunately, students don’t have to worry about falling asleep in Gold’s class.

“She’s probably one of the most sweet, peaceful, and understanding teachers on campus, and it’s a refreshing way to start the school day,” said sophomore Cameron Dennler.

Gold’s other students share Dennler’s view.

Sophomore Micaela Lopez said, “Mrs. Gold is a very sweet, understanding teacher that cares about her students and wants them to do well. She is so nice and loves to help and teach her students.”

“I’m pretty fulfilled. I love my teaching job and I love the hypnotherapy. I love the writing, I just feel very good; life also has its twists and turns and I may find other things to get interested in, we will see,” said Gold.

Gold’s approach to life seems to translate to the classroom, where her calm, deliberate approach to teaching has been inspiring students to read and write for many years.