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A volunteer works with a club participant on phrases associated with grocery shopping.

Immigrants learn English at San Carlos Library’s ESL Club

April 20, 2018

America is made up of immigrants, and not all of them speak English. The English as Second Language (ESL) Club at the San Carlos Library aims to change that by providing an opportunity for non-native English speakers to learn and practice...

ScotCenter: Changes in AP English Throw Students Off Track – Sophie Penn

February 9, 2016

When sophomores meet with their counselors to finalize their schedule for the fall, there will be a change to their options for English. AP Composition is no longer going to be...

Students will have to rethink their decision to take AP English now that it is no longer being offered to juniors at Carlmont.

Changes come to the English department

January 27, 2016

Big changes are coming to the English program for those entering their junior year. In past years, juniors have always had the choice between regular English, AS English III, an...

After 4th period, Colvig is finishing up his work at C14.

English teacher inspired by his family

November 23, 2014

Robert Colvig, an English teacher at Carlmont, is inspired by his family members’ achievements. Colvig did not start teaching at Carlmont as soon as school started in August. “I...

English teacher's transition from Terra Nova to Carlmont

English teacher’s transition from Terra Nova to Carlmont

September 12, 2014

English teacher Robert Colvig has experienced the advantages and disadvantages of transitioning to Carlmont after being hired a week after school started in the 2014-15 school...

English teacher Migdail endeavors to inspire his students

Tori Shanefelter, Staff Writer

September 3, 2014

Carlmont English teacher, Erik Migdail strives to be "caring, knowledgable, and fun" in the eyes of his students. "I would hope that the first word [my students] would use to describe me would be caring. The most important thing to me [as a teacher] is to form a relationship with my students and help them understand that I genuinely care and and want them to succeed. Knowledgeable because I want th...

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English classes may not exactly teach english

March 30, 2014

"The umbrella is blue. "  Sentences like this drive high school students crazy. English teachers may tell their students that the umbrella is blue because the author wanted to ...

Clarke pushes students to work for the knowledge instead of the grade.

English teacher Clarke also a student

February 3, 2014

Sarah Clarke is not only a teacher but a student as well. Clarke was born in Canada and later moved to New Jersey. She spent a year and a half in France during her sophomore ...

Striking Gold: A Discussion with a Hypnotic English Teacher

Striking Gold: A Discussion with a Hypnotic English Teacher

January 15, 2014

The phrase ‘you are feeling sleepy’ may mean something different in Susan Gold’s class than in many others. Gold is an AS English teacher, hypnotherapist, and writer. “...

Cane conducting a performance

An English teacher with a voice

October 7, 2013

An educator by day and a songstress by night, Sarah Cane is more than just a regular English teacher. When she was just 19 years old, Cane sang with the San Francisco Bay Area...

English teacher Raphael Kauffman

Carlmont English teacher named Teacher of the Year

September 16, 2011

Carlmont has many great programs and classes offered, and everyone knows that it would not be possible if it weren't for the teachers and administration. Raphael Kauffmann is one o...

The future of senior English elective courses

November 18, 2010

Carlmont’s administration and English teachers are discussing the future of creative writing and mythology. Rumors are that the senior electives may be cut in the 2011-2012 scho...

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