Students dress up for spirit week

Zaina Abdelrahman, Staff Writer

As the spirit of spring break makes its way through the Carlmont campus, ASB spirit commission organizes a spirit week to lead the way to vacation.

Tyrese Lopez, a junior and a member of the spirit activities commission, said, “Our goal with the spirit week is to increase the spirit in the school in general and also get people excited for spring break. People love dressing up, and we wanted to create an exciting atmosphere to lead up to break.”

The spirit commission decided upon the themes for each day throughout spirit week by brainstorming ideas that each individual member enjoys. They then went through the list and selected the most popular themes.

Creating spirit weeks is also a positive experience that the spirit commission looks forward to organizing.

“I love thinking of new spirit days because you can be super creative. I also love seeing people dress up with their friends and post pictures of the different themes on social media,” said Kayla Gustafson, a member of the spirit hype commission.

However, spirit commission members are not the only ones who feel the excitement that spirit weeks form. Many students enjoy them as well.

Jessica Lui, a sophomore, said, “I like that the spirit weeks make me feel much more elated to be in school by bringing general enthusiasm from all the students and creating an event that makes me excited to know that a week of break is right around the corner.”

Although spirit weeks are created to entertain and provoke a sense of unity among the students, some believe that the events could still be improved.

“I believe that the events that are created can be popular and fun but should also avoid looking like faux enthusiasm for ASB enjoyment,” said Lui.

Overall, many students enjoy spirit weeks and look forward to dressing up.

“I love the idea that it is creating a shared experience for the whole school and it brings everyone closer together,” said Lopez.