New faces run for ASB class officers


Alyn Seymour

The class officer meeting has brought in new students interested in being in the ASB and leading the school.

Alyn Seymour, Staff Writer

It’s that time of the year again: class election season.

People are seen around campus going from student to student, asking for signatures to meet the required amounts on their petition, hopeful that they will be the next leaders of Carlmont.

Class officer voting will take place on Feb. 24 and some will be running this year in hopes of joining the ASB class for the first time.  

ASB represents the student body of Carlmont through a multitude of activities and events in and outside of school.

According to the Carlmont website, their vision is to work towards a “clean, supportive, desegregated environment where an enthusiastic, involved staff and student body develops school spirit.”

The executive council, which consists of the ASB president and vice presidents, class presidents, and commission supervisors, are selected based on what they will bring to the overall morale of the campus.

Brock Lotti, a junior, is not currently enrolled in ASB, and is running for senior class vice president.

“Since this is my first time running for a position as a class officer, there will obviously be a slight learning curve,” said Lotti. “The pressures of being elected the vice president are that I would be looked upon by my classmates and expected to have the answer to everything ASB related, and unfortunately, I may not always have all the answers.”

Keeping up with the ASB class and all of the responsibilities of the position of a class officer is challenging. Some students have had to choose between taking ASB and enrolling in rigorous classes and extracurriculars.

“I’ve been really busy these past few years, but next year I will have more freedom to take ASB,” said Josh Camerino, a junior who is running for senior class vice president. “A big part of deciding to run is that I’ve really been opening up more during my time at Carlmont, and have found that I’m passionate about the works of ASB.”

Despite their experience in ASB, what matters most is what each candidate will bring forth and how well they will be able to showcase leadership skills.

“ASB values equity of opportunity, and we appreciate that people are always interested in joining and giving back to the school. We hope that the candidates run for the right reasons and bring good ideas and positive energy to the class,” said Junior Class President Tiffany Chung, who is also running for ASB president.