Students enjoy football game despite loss


A Carlmont crowd rooting for the Varsity Football team during its first home game with permanent lights up and a new field.

Dominic Gialdini, Highlander Editor

Screamin' Scots and students
A Carlmont crowd rooting for the varsity football team during its first home game of the season.

Although Carlmont varsity football’s 14-35  loss to Aragon in the first home game on the new turf field and under the lights disappointed hundreds of Scots, it did not prevent them from enjoying and partaking in the festive night.

At the game on Sept. 21, an enthusiastic crowd cheered for Carlmont’s varsity team, which trailed Aragon over the course of the game. The Carlmont fans remained positive and spirited even when their team was down.

At half-time, senior Lauren Reiley said, “there are a lot of people in the bleachers. It is really exciting because everyone is here cheering. We are all coming together as a school and there is a lot of spirit.”

“I’m having a lot of fun. The crowd is very responsive and we are not giving up on the team,” said sophomore Geneveve Kellis.

The newly-renovated field prompted many Carlmont students to attend. They wanted to watch the first varsity game on the never-before used turf and under the lights.

Before this year, Carlmont did not have lights for its football field. After finally having four floodlights installed, students eagerly flocked to the night game to be part of the new experience.

Sophmore Danielle Al-Abed stated that she came to the game because “it’s the first game under the lights, which is really exciting.”

After a long and stressful game, Carlmont managed to score two touchdowns at the end of the fourth quarter.

Although they knew that there was not enough time for Carlmont to end the game in a victory, the crowd was thrilled that their team got some points on the scoreboard. Everyone rooting for Carlmont was on their feet, cheering for the home team.

In the end, a win would have been preferable, but the excitement of the new field was enough to keep the Carlmont Scots content.

“Carlmont was pumped up for the whole game. There was a good crowd tonight and we all had fun, even though the team did not win,” said sophomore Freida Freeman.