Students prepare for AP test season


Sadie Lyman

Students study and practice for their exams in many ways. Options include practice problems, tests, and reviewing past material.

Sadie Lyman, Staff Writer

It’s that time of year again: AP test season. Whether it be studying very day or waiting until the very last minute, all students have their own way to prepare for their AP exams.

The Advanced Placement (AP) exam is open to anyone who is willing to pay for it, regardless of whether they are enrolled in the AP class. This gives students an opportunity to receive college credits in advance, which can benefit them in the future.

All AP exams test students on a multitude of subjects. Although they all have their differences, they all have the same thing in common.

Every AP exam is scored out of five. If a student receives a score of three or higher, they pass the exam, which could potentially count for college credits for that subject.

In order to pass the exam, students utilize all kinds of different studying methods.

“To prepare for my exam, I am going over all my previous notes and tests in detail. I will be studying by myself since it’s easier for me to focus when I am alone,” Keira Lyman, a senior enrolled the AP Psychology class, said.

Teachers also have their own recommendations as well. Since they have more knowledge on the structure of the AP exams, they know what studying habits are effective and which ones aren’t.

“First off, students should start reviewing their old notes, but sometimes there is too much material to review. I recommend that students use ‘Crash Course’ books to help  them review material. Also, there are many practice test books that are very effective when preparing for the actual test structure,” history teacher Patricia Braunstein said.

Most of the AP courses available are offered to juniors and seniors. There is one AP class that sophomores can take, which is AP European History.

Many sophomores who are currently in the course have already started to prepare for their exam.

“My teacher, Mr. Waller, tells us what we should be studying for the exam so we will be prepared. I also have a ‘Crash Course’ book that tells me everything I need to know,” Nick Knobel, a sophomore in the class, said.

Another student currently in the course has another way to study for the upcoming exam.

“To help prepare for the exam, I have been going over all the chapters we have covered this year. I also am going to do practice tests to help as well. I am planning on studying with friends because I like to study in groups,” Kaitlyn Kirkes, a sophomore, said.

While there are many different ways students are preparing, many believe that it comes down to the mindset students have when preparing for the exam.  

“I think I’m going to do very well on the exam because my teacher has prepared me, and I have worked very hard all year long,” Knobel said.