Students are able to relax after AP testing


Zachary Kuchlenz

Ziad Kedkad, a sophomore, goes to the library in his free time after AP testing. “I feel relieved that is over, but I do feel nervous about the scores,” said Kedkad.

Zachary Kuchlenz, Staff Writer

Students spend most of their time towards the end of the school studying for AP testing. Now that it is over, students are relieved that and are glad that the testing is over with.

AP testing has stressed out many students and has changed their feelings on AP classes and on whether or not they want to take them next year because of the stress and time management.

Sophomore Theo Korolev said, “It has freed up my stress levels, but not my schedule.”

The AP tests have stressed out many students and in the weeks leading up to the AP test, students have used this time to study including making time for the weekends.

The tests have also influenced student’s choices for taking classes next year as well.  

“After [taking the test], I felt extremely happy as if a couple pounds were lifted from my shoulders,” said Korolev. “Before, I studied hard and stressed a lot about my grade.”

In an article by Time, it talks about the importance of studying, relaxing and making good use of time to help with getting good results on the AP test. Sleeping, studying and time management are important when signing up for an AP class.

Samantha Owyang, a junior, said, “I am taking less APs next year because the number I took this year was enough. I want to relax more with my classes senior year.”

Some students who took AP classes don’t like the idea of taking so many AP classes and would like to relax in senior year, but other students would rather take AP classes in senior year to get ready for the future.

Isabella Ravaglia, a junior, said, “Next year I am taking more AP classes because I am getting ready for college.”

Some students would like to get prepared for college now and try to make their record look better for colleges. It is important to manage time when doing extracurricular activities like sports.

Although AP testing is over, classes still have to go through finals so the school year isn’t over quite yet. But students are glad that it is all over with and that they don’t have to worry about it until next year.

Freshmen and other students that are interested in taking AP classes next year such should understand the course and how to fit in the time for studying into their schedule.

“They should take AP classes if they understand the course load and have enough time to get their work done,” says Ravaglia.

Owyang had a word of advice to those taking AP classes and said, “Make sure you manage your time and understand how much work you’re going to have to do.”

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