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Students need to ask themselves hard questions when it comes to concussions.

Student athletes need to ask themselves the hard questions with concussions

December 19, 2018

The stage has been set. The shine of the floodlights drapes your surroundings as you and your teammates walk through the field. The smell of grilled burgers and hot dogs hit your...

Concussions are very common in football.

Concussion awareness grows

February 28, 2017

Straight ahead, coming at you full speed, and bam. A student opens their eyes to find themselves laying in the middle of the field looking up at the bright lights beaming dow...

Frosh-Soph players suffer from concussions

Frosh-Soph players suffer from concussions

February 11, 2014

Girls Frosh-Soph basketball team suffered from two concussions in one week. Wednesday, Jan. 29, starting shooting guard Caitlin Caslow fell backwards and slammed her head against ...

Carlmont's football team wears helmets to decrease the risk of concussions.

Concussions: not just for football

December 9, 2013

Although concussions are generally associated with sports like football and hockey, they are increasingly recognized in other sports as well. Carlmont Athletic Trainer Jesse Little...

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