Frosh-Soph players suffer from concussions


Brooke Buckley, Staff Writer

Girls Frosh-Soph basketball team suffered from two concussions in one week.

Wednesday, Jan. 29, starting shooting guard Caitlin Caslow fell backwards and slammed her head against the gym floor, resulting in a concussion.

538px-Concussion_mechanics.svgShortly after, Hannah Wright, also a shooting guard, was diagnosed with a concussion after she dove for a loose ball during a quad game on Jan. 31.

Simply put, a concussion is an injury to the brain caused by impact to the skull. A concussion can more often than not involve a loss of consciousness. However, symptoms can vary based on the severity of the injury.

Mild concussions cause slight mental confusion with possibly some memory loss. Severe concussions cause mental confusion lasting five minutes or more. While, Moderate concussions cause mental confusion with post traumatic memory loss.

Caslow was diagnosed with a major-mild concussion

“It has been hard. I can’t focus on my outlines for more than 20 minutes and I have been getting bad grades on tests because I can’t remember very well,” said Caslow.

Wright was diagnosed with a mild-moderate (more than minor less than major) concussion.

Wright said, “A lot of my teachers were very understanding and some pushed me. My math teacher gave me three days to catch up, otherwise it was okay.”

Both players are out for three to four weeks, causing them to miss the rest of the season.

In order to recover Wright and Caslow have to stay out of all physical activity, participate in minimal school work, and limit use of their electronics for three weeks.

Caslow said, “Concussions are common but they usually only happen to one player once a season.”

Wright agreed, “Concussions are somewhat common considering how rough and physical basketball is.”