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BELMONT, CA - JAN. 8: Central Elementary School in Belmont, Calif., remains quiet, Tuesday, Jan. 8, 2019, one day after Belmont police responded to the shooting death of a 17-year-old Redwood City boy in the school's parking lot. (Karl Mondon/Bay Area News Group)

News Brief: Carlmont student found dead at Central Elementary

January 9, 2019

Mohammad Othman, a Carlmont senior and varsity football player, was found shot dead in a parking lot at Central Elementary School on the evening of Jan. 7, 2019. The Belmont...

The students watch

Movie night recharges juniors before stress of dead week

December 14, 2018

Students from the junior class huddled together through the chilly night as the movie "Elf" played on the projector. On Dec. 7,  an activity called Junior Movie Night took...

ScotCenter: Therapy Dogs Visit During Dead Week – Elena Mateus

December 11, 2015

On Dec. 10 at lunch, SPCA service dogs were brought to Carlmont's Quad for students to interact with to relieve stress before finals. Elena Mateus reports the story.

Carlmont student Michelle Tenin lays surrounded by her schoolwork.

Dead week comes alive

December 7, 2015

Dead week: a time when students expect to prepare for finals without stress of new material. This week, however, can seem to be a time that requires zombie students to come...

Bears feed on the whale carcass, which was found in Larson Bay, AK.

Dead whales point to a bigger problem

August 29, 2015

More than 100 feet long and up to 200 tons, whales are complex and beautiful giants, roaming the sea as the largest, loudest animals on the planet. Whales sit at the top of the...

Members of the club get ready for another student's poem.

Dead Poets’ Society brings poetry to life

May 14, 2015

Enter Carlmont's Black Box, otherwise known as the drama classroom, and experience for yourself the flow of creativity that streams from the students who give poetry a voice. This...

Rather than portraying Carol Peletier as hopeless and depressed, the season five premiere showcased a fiercer side of her character.

‘Walking Dead’ showcases machine-gun-wielding old lady

October 15, 2014

When one thinks of the zombie apocalypse, the image of an old woman with explosives being set off and a machine gun blazing is not what usually comes to mind. "The Walking...

How students spend time during dead week

How students spend time during dead week

June 2, 2014

An exploration of the truth of dead week.

Dead week comes alive

Dead week comes alive

December 9, 2013

The week before finals is a time for chapter reviews, studying, and cup after cup of coffee. The term “dead week” labels the days before final exams in which teachers are encourag...

The Walking Dead: Humanity is 'Infected'

The Walking Dead: Humanity is ‘Infected’

October 28, 2013

During a zombie apocalypse, people need to deal with walkers, but they must also deal with each other and with themselves. The second episode of season four of The Walking Dea...

Tourists arrive at circuit wearing face-masks after a recent outbreak of the bird flu virus

11 dead from mysterious bird flu in China

April 14, 2013

On Saturday, a 7-year-old girl is the latest person to be infected with bird flu in China Her case was the one of the eleven people out of 51 that has died from a new deadl...

Husband and wife left dead in a hit-and-run crash

Husband and wife left dead in a hit-and-run crash

March 4, 2013

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