Dead Poets’ Society brings poetry to life


Lila Schulman

Members of the club get ready for another student’s poem.

Lila Schulman, Staff Writer

Enter Carlmont’s Black Box, otherwise known as the drama classroom, and experience for yourself the flow of creativity that streams from the students who give poetry a voice.

This is the place to go if one wants to be inspired, as well as improve one’s social skills.

Poetry, a “literary work in which special intensity is given to the expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm,” is the given definition of Google.

The club is more than your basic poetry class you experience in fifth grade. It’s an environment full of welcoming students who offer themselves as an audience, as well as share the same interest, which is to be able to be free with their thoughts through poems.

Freshman Ali El Shawa said, “It’s a club where we share poems and we discuss them. Sometimes we do shows, which are really fun; it depends on whether we have a lot of original work.”

“Every week the club helps me practice acting, it keeps me up to date, and I’m able to do shows.” said freshman Elysia Wright.

The club has become a meaningful aspect in club members’ lives, because it allows them to pursue poetry and it pushes out of their comfort zone. They put on a performance when reciting a poem.

President of the club, senior Nina Sherman said, “People bring in poetry that they find or they write and they read it to us and we put together a show where we stage [memorized] dramatic readings of the poems.”

If one is passionate for poetry, it’s never too late to join the club.

Shawa said, “All of my friends were recommending it to me, and since we’re all into theatre and drama, we thought we’d join. It’s not a regrettable decision.”

The Dead Poets’ Society meets on Fridays in the Drama room.