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The Belmont City Council held a meeting to discuss upgrading plans for Twin Pines Park.

Belmont City Council works to improve Twin Pines Parks

April 9, 2019

After many years, the Belmont City Council has finally acquired future plans to upgrade Twin Pines Park. “Twin Pines is one of the jewels of Belmont, but it can use some updates and poli...

The Scots celebrate their victory that puts them one step closer to the playoffs.

Varsity football keeps playoff dream alive

October 16, 2018

The Scots inch closer to the playoffs and league division championships with their decisive win over Jefferson, 42-22. This solidifies their first place position in the league, with a...

Many students lose sleep due to lengthy homework assignments and stress.

Students only dream of getting enough sleep

February 15, 2018

All students have been there— the fight with morning sleepiness, which they will inevitably lose. Every night, a person needs to spend at least 8 hours laying in a bed uncons...

A diverse group of actors and artists try to make ends meet at a failing diner in Los Angeles.

Carlmont student presents original play: ‘The Diner on Washington Street’

April 12, 2016

Second semester of senior year is often spent relaxing and anticipating college acceptance letters. For Denis Yudin, however, second semester has been spent directing his original...

Aspiring actress pursues her dream

Aspiring actress pursues her dream

May 2, 2014

As many students gear up for summer jobs and vacation, junior Jasmin Riedel is preparing for her on-screen debut. “I first wanted to become an actress when I was in first...

Christina Galisatus playing the piano at Chamber music night at Carlmont. Photo credit to Carlmont Music.

Striving for her dream

April 6, 2014

The passion for music is the motivation for junior Christina Galisatus to work hard in maintaining a high GPA and to participate in extracurriculars outside of school. Galisatus...

Ashley Kawasaki's headshot taken by SmugMug Pro.

Chasing a dream

March 4, 2014

"I go to Los Angeles every other weekend for acting classes," said sophomore Ashley Kawasaki. Starting this past February, she began taking classes at The Playground, a young...

Three common dream themes

Three common dream themes

February 5, 2014

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