Belmont City Council works to improve Twin Pines Parks


Leela Stuepfert

The Belmont City Council held a meeting to discuss upgrading plans for Twin Pines Park.

Leela Stuepfert, Staff Writer

After many years, the Belmont City Council has finally acquired future plans to upgrade Twin Pines Park.

“Twin Pines is one of the jewels of Belmont, but it can use some updates and polishing,” said Charles Stone, a Belmont council member. “The Twin Pines Master Plan outlines an ambitious vision that makes improvements that will benefit all Belmont residents who use the park.”

A City Council meeting was held on Feb. 26 where these ideas to develop a better park were discussed.

“My family and I have been coming to this park for years,” said Laura Woods, a local resident. “It has become a tradition for my family.”

There were several goals that inspired the future plan for this park including enhancing the visitor experience.

“The changes benefit the community as a whole because they provide a bit of something for everyone,” Stone said.

Before gaining a solid plan, the council had to understand the place and ask the park visitors to express their desires in order to fulfill the community’s desires.


“Though it will take many years for the vision to become reality, it’s important to take the first step by providing a road map,” Stone said.

To start with, they reached out to the town with a survey asking residents what they liked about the park.

After gathering information, the City Council started to finalize the ideas on how the desired changes happen.

The proposed changes that will be made to the park include removing the Creekside Studios and adding a new bocce ball court, new bridges, and a trail that loops around the river along with upgrades to the play structures.

“The accessibility improvements to the other side of the creek which allow for circular mobility and connection benefit those who value the natural aspects of our wonderful park,” Stone said.

On top of that, the entrance and parking will improve immensely allowing for better accessibility and views of the park.

“The vehicle circulation components with an enhanced and larger ‘town square’ effect in front of the Manor House will offer a gathering space, improve aesthetics, and make it safer and easier for those navigating the area in their car,” Stone said.

Furthermore, the idea of bringing people together through games is recognized with the inspired plan to build a community bocce ball court.

“The potential for adding a bocce ball court will allow those who want to engage in a great, low-impact activity a new opportunity to do so,” Stone said.

However, this is all still simply an idea. Without the funds, this dream will not become reality. The total cost of all the proposed improvements is estimated to a total of $5 million to build.

Stone said, “Some people might think Twin Pines is perfect as is. I certainly agree it’s very special. However, I think we make this wonderful jewel even better.”