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ASB’s recognition committee works together to make Carlmont’s annual Valentine’s Day personalized heart decorations.

ASB prepares the love for Valentine’s Day

February 5, 2019

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, a sense of love fills the Carlmont halls and ASB becomes hard at work in order to create the annual, personalized heart decorations....

Chloe Kelly, a junior, reads the Valentine's Day notes in the hallway.

Valentine’s Day hearts create a positive atmosphere

February 17, 2017

On Feb. 14, students were greeted with personalized, heart-shaped valentines hung in C-hall. Since the beginning of the year, ASB has worked on this project to make sure that...

Teacher touches students’ hearts

November 12, 2014

"He helps me with emotional support. That's number one because, if you don't have that, you don't have anything," said Marvin Lomeli. Lomeli is one of the students whom Cary...

Olympian wins his way into girls' hearts

Olympian wins his way into girls’ hearts

February 12, 2014

Twenty-year-old Canadian Olympic snowboarder Mark McMorris is the new sensation among teenage girls. Junior Sarah Anderson put it bluntly when she said, “I fell in love with...

The promoting movie poster for One Direction:

One Direction: ‘This Is Us’ touches many hearts

October 7, 2013

The heart-warming documentary “This Is Us” caused fans around the world to go crazy for the five British and Irish boys that surround their world. The band One Direction,...

Raining hearts for Haley Reinhart

May 13, 2011

     Everyone is entitled to their own musical opinion, but in the case of American Idol Season 10, Carlmont students should not be allowed. It sounds harsh, but we're picking...

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